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Dorian G. Muncey has proven to have as much integrity as he does talent and vision. I engaged his firm on several projects in the past and have never once regretted it. I highly recommend Mr. Muncey. He will surpass all expectations. M. Wade

Without Dorian it would not have been possible to create our dream home! We had a fabulous builder and master craftsmen but it was Dorian that gave our home a 'soul.' He is a superior professional that not only brought artistic beauty to our project but also practicality and creative problem solving. And he was fun! We are looking forward to doing another project with him! Sheryl B.

When I wanted to open a new dental practice in Seattle, I hired Dorian to design the space. He surpassed all of my expectations by creating a unique, inviting, and peaceful space. My patients love it. They really enjoy the spa like feel and egg shaped treatment rooms that help them forget where they are. Dorian is an extremely talented professional. Roger A.

Dorian was a pleasure to work with during the remodel and renovation of our 1940 Cape Cod. He transformed and updated the interior in to a space of charm and warmth which mirrored the exterior ease and comfort of the house style. He understands his clients needs and is open and willing to incorporate other ideas into his vision for the home with ease. We will definitely call upon him again when we do our next renovation and recommend him unconditionally for any project, large or small. Robin G.

We've had the pleasure of working with Dorian on a couple of major remodels over the years. His brilliant space planning, impeccable design eye, continuous fresh ideas, responsiveness to our needs, ability to pull color, texture, fabrics, light, and level of sophistication to each project, along with of course his charming personality keeps us coming back for more! He's solved many architectural problems and turned our house into our dream home. Dorian gets to know his clients well and designs around their personalities and lifestyle. Decisions that seem so hard to make during a remodel become easy when working with him. We're so appreciative and lucky to have Dorian's touch and design sophistication be a part of our every day lives! We can't thank him enough. Teri L.

We are in the planning stage of a major kitchen remodel, and Dorian has been just great. He has come out to the house several times, has sent me three versions of the drawings so far, and every time I need a change made, he always says "sure, that will be great!" in the most cheerful way! We're on a shoestring budget, but in spite of that need to get this job nearly complete before Christmas (6 weeks from now!) and he is really working with us on ways to achieve our dream kitchen on time, without going broke. He's been very responsive, always getting changes to me within less than two days, and usually the same day. I'm so glad to have him helping us on this - I can't wait to get going on the rebuild, and will post again once the project is complete. Mary M.

So far, I have consulted Dorian Muncey on two projects. The first was a bathroom remodel. As with many older Seattle homes, my bathroom was too cramped. I considered taking down walls and even expanding the house footprint. Dorian, however, had the perfect solution: transform the entire bathroom into a European-style shower room. We lined the walls and floor with gorgeous stone, set the correct floor angles for proper drainage and installed shower heads, lighting, commode and a large, beautiful wall-hung glass sink (the centerpiece). The room is delightful, spacious and very functional. All this at a very reasonable cost! The second project is a partial kitchen remodel that is just now taking shape. I am thrilled with Dorian's initial concept--to simplify the kitchen with cleaner lines, incorporating a discreet wall of cabinets, and focusing the kitchen on expanded views of my park-like back yard. One thing I really like about Dorian is how he takes into account the uniqueness of each project and individuality of each client. S.E. S.


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